Autumn Flowers

Enhance Your Garden With Autumn Flowers

With autumn flowers, you can keep your garden blooming well into the fall. Having autumn flowering plants allows you to continue having fresh flowers in the house. Here you will find a brief list of flowers that can be added to your garden to keep it blooming until Halloween.

Baby’s breath is always a popular choice for its ability to fill out and compliment displays of cut flowers. This annual does best in full to partial sun, likes rich garden soil, and can grow up to two feet tall.

Rose of Sharon, or Althaea, is a shrub-type plant with large blooms that open in August, and will continue blooming until the first frost. These hardy plants can grow to between 8 and 10 feet in height, with a spread of 4 to 6 feet. The blooms are large, and available in white, purple, red or light blue.

Carnations, or Dianthus, are lovely in cut arrangements. Carnations are available in a wide range of colors, and their blooming time runs from late spring until early. Each bloom can survive for up to 8 weeks o­n the stem, as well as having a long life after being cut. Carnations do require full sun and well drained soil. They also are not quite as hardy as other plants; however, some species are hardy up to zone 5. The plants will typically grow to roughly three feet in size.

An interesting plant for the fall is Allium. This plant has an upright growth, similar to a tulip or daffodil. The stem is quite thin, ending in a large, colorful puffball of flowers. Bulb should be planted in the fall in full sun, and well drained soil. They require some fertilizer and watering but are very easy to grow. The blooms will add interest to the garden, and can be used in dried arrangements.

Of course, there are also mums, roses and petunias. All can continue blooming until the first frost. With the flowers listed here, and many others, you can continue to enjoy a colorful, attractive garden well into the fall.