Can you put lilac flowers in a vase?

1. Introduction
2. What are lilacs?
3. Benefits of putting lilacs in a vase
4. How to choose the right lilac for a vase
5. Tips on cutting and preparing the lilac for the vase
6. How long can you expect a vase-cut lilac to last?
7. What type of vase is best for cut lilacs?
8. How to care for a vase-cut lilac
9. When to change the water in a cut lilac vase
10. Common mistakes when using cut lilacs in a vase
11. Conclusion

Can You Put Lilac Flowers in a Vase?

Lilacs are some of the most beloved flowers around and it is no surprise that many gardeners want to display them in their homes, too! But can you put lilacs in a vase? Absolutely! As long as you know what you’re doing, arranging and displaying cut lilacs is surprisingly easy.

What Are Lilacs?

Lilacs are woody shrubs that are part of the genus Syringa. There are several species of Syringa that bloom during spring, with some varieties blooming during summer as well. The most common colors of these flowers are white, pink, purple and blue.

Benefits Of Putting Lilacs In A Vase

Opting to place your cut lilac stems in a vase is definitely worth considering, as it offers several benefits over simply leaving them on the bush or even picking them and displaying them without water.

  • Longer lasting: Cut flowers tend to last longer when they’re placed in water.
  • Fragrance: Since you’re keeping them inside your home, having them arranged in a vase helps spread their sweet fragrance throughout your house.

How To Choose The Right Lilac For A Vase

Choosing the right blooms for your arrangement is an important part of displaying cut flowers in a vase. When selecting your stems, look for ones that have reached 3/4 bloom stage – this way they will last longer once they’re placed in your chosen vessel.

Tips On Cutting And Preparing The Lilac For The Vase

  • Cutting: Use sharp scissors or pruning shears when cutting stems so that you don’t damage other parts of the plant – cutting at an angle will also help increase water uptake.
  • Stripping: Gently remove any foliage from the lower part of the stem; this will help keep bacteria from growing inside your vessel.

How Long Can You Expect A Vase-Cut Lilac To Last?

With proper care, you can expect your vase-cut lilacs to last anywhere between 7-14 days before they start wilting and fading away.

What Type Of Vase Is Best For Cut Lilacs?

  • Clear glass: Clear glass vessels tend to be best because they allow more light into the stem which helps keep it looking bright and perky for longer periods of time.
  • Wide opening: A wide opening also helps increase how long your blooms last since more air can get into the vessel and help prevent bacteria growth inside.
  • Proper size: The size of vessel should be proportional to how many stems you plan on putting into it – if it’s too small then there won’t be enough room for all stems to be displayed properly.

How To Care For A Vase-Cut Lilac

  • Change water regularly: Make sure to change out the water every few days or when it starts looking cloudy – this will help keep bacteria from growing inside your vessel which could shorten its lifespan.
  • Add floral preservatives: Adding floral preservatives like Floralife is also recommended as this will help prevent bacteria growth while also providing essential nutrients that will help keep cut flowers looking fresh for longer periods of time.

When To Change The Water In A Cut Lilac Vase

It’s best practice to change out the water every few days—or even more frequently if needed—to ensure that bacteria isn’t growing inside your vessel which could shorten its lifespan. Additionally, adding floral preservatives like Floralife can provide essential nutrients that will help keep cut flowers looking fresh for longer periods of time.

Common Mistakes When Using Cut Lilacs In A Vase


  • > Overcrowding : > It’s important not overcrowd your vessel with too many stems as this could lead to wilting or other issues with display quality . Instead , choose an appropriately sized vessel and stick with just one type or color of flower so everything looks neat and organized .
  • > Not changing water : > Not changing out the water regularly enough can lead to bacteria growth inside which could shorten its lifespan . Make sure to replace old water with fresh at least every few days or when needed .

Conclusion :

Whether you’re looking for something special to brighten up your home or just want an easy way to show off some beautiful blooms , arranging and displaying cut lilacs in a vase is something anyone can do . Just remember , make sure choose 3/4 bloomed buds , select an appropriate size clear glass vessel , change out old water frequently , and add floral preservatives like Floralife — then enjoy! May 11, 2020 .

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