Do Lilies Do Well In Pots?

Growing Lilies in Pots: A Comprehensive Guide

Lilies are a beautiful addition to any garden, but they don’t have to be restricted to beds or borders, they make perfect potted plants too! Growing lilies in pots is an easy way to add a splash of colour to any setting, from a balcony or terrace to a sunny deck or patio. For those who don’t have access to an outdoor space, it’s even possible to grow healthy potted lilies indoors! Here’s everything you need to know about growing beautiful potted lilies in your home or garden area:

Preparing Your Pot for Lilies

The first step in successfully growing potted lilies is choosing the right pot size and type of potting mix for your plants, this is key to ensuring healthy growth and blooms throughout the season. The best size pot will depend on the variety of lily being grown, but as a general rule, look for one that’s at least 25 cm wide, this will give enough room for three bulbs and plenty of soil around their roots once planted.

When it comes to potting mix, select one specifically designed for container plants, these mixes contain moisture-retaining additives which help provide optimal drainage for potted plants like lilies, as well as providing essential nutrients during the growing season.

Planting Your Lilies

Once you’ve chosen your container and soil, it’s time to plant your bulbs! For best results, plant all three bulbs around 10cm deep in their new home. It’s also important not to place them too close together, aim for about 10-15 cm between each bulb so that their roots have room to spread out without becoming overcrowded or competing with each other for nutrients from the soil. Keep in mind that some varieties may require more space between bulbs than others, always check instructions before planting if available.

Feeding Your Potted Lilies

As with any other type of plant, regular feeding is essential when it comes to growing healthy potted lilies, try using a liquid bulb food which will provide essential nutrients directly into their roots. It’s also important not to overfeed, apply according to package instructions, usually once every two weeks during the active growing season (spring through early summer).

Watering Your Potted Lillies

Potted lily plants usually require around 1-1 ½ inches of water per week during active growth periods (spring through early summer). However, this can vary depending on weather conditions, if there has been significant rainfall recently then reduce watering accordingly or simply wait until soil feels dry before adding more moisture again.

During winter months when growth slows down dramatically, reducing watering even further is recommended as excess water can cause bulbs to rot during dormancy period so keep an eye on soil moisture levels at all times throughout the year.

Sunlight Requirements for Potted Lillies

Lily plants love lots of sunshine during their active growing season (spring through early summer) so make sure their pot has access direct sunlight every day if possible, try moving it into a sunny spot outdoors or near a bright window indoors if needed throughout these months only (it’s ok if they get less sun during winter). Remember that too much sun can burn delicate leaves so keep an eye on new growth – if leaves start looking dried out then move them back into shade immediately!

Pruning Your Potted Lillies

Pruning is an important part of keeping potted lily plants healthy over time, remove dead or wilted leaves immediately after flowering has finished each year (usually late summer/early fall) as well as any stems that have become old or woody looking over time for best results.

If desired, cut back foliage completely after pruning – just make sure not cut back any green leaves which could be storing energy in preparation for next year’s blooms! Doing this will help ensure a strong start come springtime.

Protecting Your Potted Lillies From Pests And Diseases

Unfortunately no matter how much care we take with our plants there is always potential risk from pests and diseases which makes protecting against these issues all the more important when it comes to growing potted plants like lillies.

To minimize risk start by choosing disease resistant varieties whenever possible, these tend be more hardy than other types thus making them less likely suffer from fungal infections such as botrytis ( gray mold ).

Additionally, always inspect new stock thoroughly before bringing it home, checking both stem bases leaves carefully any signs infection.

Finally, keep an eye out signs infestation such as aphids, whiteflies mites – treating affected areas with appropriate insecticide soon possible prevent spread further.

Troubleshooting Common Problems With Potted Lillies

Even with proper care there may occasionally be some issues arise while growing potted lillies, here are some common problems what steps should taken order address them :

  • Leggy growth: This occurs when too much shade causes long stems reach out towards available light source, increase exposure bright natural sunlight solve problem. Additionally, try using stakes support stems keep them upright prevent breakage due weight heavy blooms.
  • Faded flowers: This often caused lack adequate nutrition due depleted soil over time, try applying regular liquid fertilizer increase nutrient levels available plants boost blooms again.
  • Slow growth: This usually caused either inadequate water levels combined with excessive heat temperatures which can cause stress on young plants, increase amount water provided per week adjust location better suited climate nearby area.
  • Smaller than expected blooms: This may simply due fact variety chosen was bred produce smaller flowers rather than large showy ones, always check labels when purchasing new stock confirm expectations match reality before planting.

Tips For Growing Successful Potted Lillies

  • Here are few tips follow ensure best results when planting potted lllies :
  • Choose Quality Stock – Always look high quality bulbs when purchasing stock, soft spongy specimens should avoided favour firmer ones which indicate healthier plants long run. Additionally, larger sized bulbs tend produce larger blooms so bear this mind well.
  • Give Them Room – Make sure leave plenty space between each bulb within same container allow maximum airflow avoid overcrowding root systems resulting poor drainage leading stunted growth eventually death altogether !
  • Location Is Key – Remember choose spot where temperature won’t drop below freezing temperatures winter months otherwise risk losing entire crop ! Additionally, choose spot close enough access regular waterings yet far enough away pests predators likely flock towards nutrient rich soil nearby area.
  • Be Patient – Allow plenty time bloom fully before rushing harvest bloom prematurely, patience assuredly rewarded with beautiful showy display come flowering season !


Growing beautiful potted lllies doesn’t have be difficult process provided necessary steps followed correctly order ensure success ! From choosing quality stock selecting right size container through providing adequate nutrition light exposure finally harvesting without rush end result guaranteed gorgeous display colour whichever area choose display within ! Following information provided above rest assured definitely reap rewards effort put into this project come flowering season !

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