Flower Garden Beauty

Rose Garden Donauparc
In the purest sense of the word, flowers mean beauty. Flower gardening, for those who love it, can be the cure for all ills, and whether well planned or wild, a flower garden brings joy and serenity to those who tend and visit.

Throughout history, flowers have always had meaning attached to them. For instance, red roses (Lat: Rosa) are usually thought of as flowers of love, and white daisies (Lat: Bellis Simplex) are thought of as innocence. But no matter what meaning is associated with each flower, a good gardener will always choose the flora that has the best of what they are looking for in their garden, whether it be a wash of color or heavenly fragrance.

Public Garden Boston
Visiting a public garden is always pleasant. Many have professional gardeners that do nothing but plan, plant, harvest and tend them year-round solely for the pleasure of those who come to see them. Some displays will not change from year to year, and many are semi-permanent beds with the same flowers for many years at a time. Most rose gardens are like this, and people delight in knowing they will be beautiful, healthy, and look the same from generation to generation. Others are endlessly changing, brought about by using annuals and carefully planning the arrangement of bedding flowers as the seasons progress each year. No matter your favorite, you can decide from these gardens which flowers you prefer and what grows best in your particular climate. If your taste runs more toward wild flowers, there are several gardens you can visit, some planned and some made by tossing a variety of seeds out to see what grows!

Whether you want a garden with wonderful, heady fragrance or o­ne with splashy, vibrant color, carefully planned or wild, you can have it with flowers.