Ground Covers

A carpet in the garden - the ground cover with plants

The term ground cover refers to plants that are easy to grow, easy to maintain, and have a low profile. They carpet the ground, adding color and design to your garden. Ground covers come in endless colors and varieties. They help retain the soil’s moisture, and thwart weed growth. Placed beside walkways, walls or other hardscape features, ground cover helps soften the overall feel, bringing all components of your landscape together.

Select a ground cover suitable for the area in which you’ll plant. Shade tolerant ground covers consist of Bunchberry (cornus canadensis)—an evergreen with white flowers and red berries; Golden Creeping Jenny (lysimachia nummularia 'Aurea')—an aggressive plant useful in areas where plant growth is difficult; Periwinkle (vinca major or V. minor)—a dependable plant, blooming blue, white and other variegated colors.

Ground cover that loves full sun consists of Silver Carpet (dymondia margaretae)—a compact blue-gray plant useful as a lawn substitute or filler between stepping stones; Homestead Verbena (glandularia canadensis)—a beautiful pink and purple bloom that has the added bonus of attracting birds and butterflies; Asiatic Jasmine (trachelospermum asiaticum)—a maintenance free ground cover that has no noticeable flowers, but offers a lush thick blanket of green. It is also disease and drought-tolerant.

cornus canadensis
For landscaping o­n hills, the perfect ground cover is Blue Rug Juniper (juniperus horizontalis)—a low growing evergreen with an aggressive root system useful in preventing erosion o­n sloped surfaces. There is a ground cover suitable for any gardening scheme, whether it’s shaded, sunny, sloped or flat. Ground cover is virtually maintenance free, with stunning color choices.