Home Gardening

Home Gardening, City Style

If your home is in an urban area, you most likely do not have a plot of land to plant a garden. Don't let that stop you! City gardens range from a flower pot o­n the windowsill to full-room conservatories and everything in between. Some areas allow rooftop gardening as an option for their residents. And others may provide a community space for gardening that any resident may use.

Window Boxes
Regardless of the option you have, if you utilize it well, you can have a garden in the city. Growing plants o­n the windowsill is a tradition in many city homes because it is easy and takes such a small amount of space. You might have more than o­ne windowsill area to work with, where you can grow nearly any smaller, producing plant. o­ne thing to watch out for: Make sure the variety of plant grows o­nly to the size of your available space.

On your balcony you can grow nearly any herb, flower, vegetable and most fruits in compact form. For a larger balcony, large planter pots and troughs are a great option, while a smaller space may utilize flowerpots and windowsill boxes best. Your plant choices should coincide with the amount of available sunlight and general climate, just like a traditional garden bed.

Conservatory Garden
A rooftop or conservatory garden is not o­nly fun and productive, it can bring a great deal of beauty and help your general environment. Although you can grow trees o­n some rooftops, others may not allow such heavy items. Caring for a rooftop or conservatory garden is much like a traditional bed, and with a few alterations you can have a beautiful, productive garden with all types of producing plants, indoors or out.

With any of these options, a garden will add beauty, value and serenity to any space. Wise plant choices based o­n climate and available sunlight for color, scent and produce will enhance the lives of those who care for it, and you just can't top a fresh bouquet, salad or sauce made from your own garden.

Happy city gardening!