How do you keep lilies alive in a vase?

1. Introduction
2. Step 1 – Give Them a Fresh Cut
3. Step 2 – Carefully Remove the Cellophane Wrapping
4. Step 3 – Remove Leaves as Necessary
5. Step 4 – Place in a Vase of Fresh Water
6. Step 5 – Feed Them
7. Step 6 – Keep Out of Direct Sunlight
8. Step 7 – Change the Water Regularly
9. Step 8 – Remove the Pollen
10. Conclusion
11. Enjoy!

How to Keep Lilies Alive in a Vase

As an experienced flower gardener, I can attest that lilies are some of the most beautiful and fragrant flowers out there, and they make for a perfect addition to any vase or bouquet! However, if you don’t properly care for them, they won’t last very long in the vase and won’t look their best either.

Here are my top tips for keeping your lilies alive in a vase:

Step 1: Give Them a Fresh Cut

Before you put your lilies into the vase, be sure to give them a fresh cut at an angle of 45 degrees so that they can properly absorb water through their stems.

Step 2: Carefully Remove the Cellophane Wrapping

When you receive your bouquet of lilies, it will likely come with cellophane wrapping around it to keep it secure during transport. Be sure to carefully remove this wrappings so as not to damage any of the stems.

Step 3: Remove Leaves as Necessary

Once you’ve removed the cellophane wrappings, check the stems for any leaves that are below the water line in your vase – these need to be removed in order to prevent bacterial growth from developing.

Step 4: Place in a Vase of Fresh Water

To keep your lilies healthy and hydrated, make sure you place them in a clean vase filled with fresh water.

Step 5: Feed Them

Fertilizing is key!, as it helps provide essential nutrients that help keep your lilies looking vibrant and healthy for longer periods of time! Use an all-purpose fertilizer or one specifically designed for flowers.

Step 6: Keep Out of Direct Sunlight

Direct sunlight can be damaging!, so make sure you place your vase with lilies away from any direct sunlight or heat sources like windowsills or radiators.


Step 7: Change the Water Regularly


Water needs to stay fresh!, so be sure to change out the water every few days – this helps prevent bacteria growth and keeps your lilies looking their best.


Step 8– Remove The Pollen


Pollen can ruin other flowers!, so make sure you gently remove any visible pollen from your lilies before arranging them with other flowers.




By following these steps, you can ensure that your lily bouquets stay alive and looking beautiful for much longer than normal! With proper care and maintenance, your lovely lilies should last up to two weeks in their vases.


Enjoy! .

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