How long do house lilies live?

1. Overview of Peace Lilies and their Lifespan
2. Factors That Impact The Lifespan of Peace Lilies
3. Repotting and Propagation of Peace Lilies
4. Proper Care for Peace Lilies
5. Tips for Keeping Peace Lilies Alive For Longer
6. Common Issues Affecting the Lifespan of Peace Lilies
7. The Benefits of Having a Long-Living Peace Lily
8. Summarizing the article and its main points

How Long Do House Lilies Live?

Peace lilies, or spathiphyllum, are a popular house plant known for their long-lasting life, gorgeous white flowers, and ease of care. But how long do house lilies typically live? While the exact lifespan of a peace lily can depend on various factors, many people consider three to five years an average peace lily lifespan. However, indoor peace lilies have been known to live two decades or more.

Factors That Impact The Lifespan Of Peace Lilies

As with any living thing, the lifespan of a peace lily is impacted by its environment and care regimen. Proper nutrition is key for any plant to survive for long periods of time, and peace lilies are no exception. In order to maintain a healthy life span, peace lilies require bright but indirect light, adequate water, fertilizer during growing season and regular repotting.

Repotting And Propagation Of Peace Lilies

Late winter or early spring is the best time to repot and propagate peace lilies. When propagating a peace lily, it’s important to use sterile soil and ensure that it’s not too wet or dry so that your new plant has the best chance at survival.

Proper Care For Peace Lillies

In addition to repotting and propagation, there are other ways to ensure your peace lily has a long life – proper care! In order to keep your house lily happy and healthy for as long as possible, make sure it gets plenty of indirect sunlight throughout the day; adjust its position if necessary depending on how much natural light it’s receiving from windows or through doors leading outside.

Also be sure to water your peace lily regularly; about once or twice per week should be sufficient enough for its needs. If the soil is dry when you check it with your finger or a moisture meter, then it’s time to give it some water.

Tips For Keeping Peace Lillies Alive For Longer

  • Fertilize During Growing Season:

Fertilizing your peace lily during its growing season (spring through summer) will help ensure that it receives all the nutrients necessary for survival throughout its life span.

  • Avoid Overwatering:

Overwatering can lead to root rot in any houseplant but is especially detrimental for peace lilies; try not to water more than once every two weeks if possible.

  • Provide Good Airflow:

Good airflow helps prevent diseases from taking hold in plants like peace lillies; try not to crowd multiple plants together in one pot as this can restrict airflow between them.

Common Issues Affecting The Lifespan Of Peace Lillies

  • Pests:

Pests like aphids can cause damage to leaves and flowers on peace lillies; inspect plants regularly for signs of infestation and treat accordingly with insecticidal soap or neem oil if needed .

  • Too Much Light:

Peace lillies prefer indirect light , so positioning them too close to windows or in direct sunlight can cause leaf scorch over time . Move plants away from direct sunlight if this becomes an issue .

  • Too Much Heat :

Peace lillies can suffer from too much heat , which can cause drooping leaves . If you notice wilting , move your plant away from sources of heat such as radiators , fireplaces , etc .

The Benefits Of Having A Long – Living Peace Lily

Having a long – living peace lily comes with many benefits ! Not only will you get years of enjoyment out of watching it grow , but you also won ’ t have to worry about replacing it as often as other short – lived houseplants . Plus , they ’ re relatively low maintenance in terms of care , making them ideal companions whether you ’ re an experienced gardener or just starting out .

Conclusion : Summarizing The Article And Its Main Points = “

Peace Lillies are beautiful , easy – care houseplants that can live up two decades with proper care . Factors such as nutrition , light , water , repotting / propagation , air flow , pests & temperature all play a role in how long they last . With these tips & tricks in mind , you ’ ll be able to enjoy your beautiful houseplant companion for many years !

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