How Many Pansies Can I Put In A 14 Inch Hanging Basket?[Editing Required]

Growing Pansies In Hanging Baskets

Pansies are one of the most popular flowers used in many gardens, both large and small. They bring beautiful colour and texture to any garden, and they can easily be grown in containers or hanging baskets.

Many gardeners choose to grow them in hanging baskets because they are easy to maintain and require little space. But how many pansies can you put into a 14 inch hanging basket? Let’s explore this question further.

The Importance Of Size When Choosing A Hanging Basket For Pansies

When it comes to selecting the right size for your pansy-filled hanging basket, it is important to take into account the size of the flower itself. Pansy plants come in compact varieties, as well as larger varieties with bigger blossoms.

Therefore, you will need a larger sized pot or planter if you intend on growing larger varieties of pansy plants. This is especially true if you plan on growing multiple plants together, as they may not have enough space in an undersized container or planter.

Different Sizes Of Hanging Baskets And Recommended Number Of Pansies Per Basket

In general, you will want to select a pot or planter that is approximately two times the diameter of the mature width of your chosen variety of pansy. For example, if your chosen variety has an expected mature width of 6 inches, then you will want to select at least an 12-inch diameter pot or planter. In terms of recommended numbers for specific sizes, here is what you should know about different sized pots or planters when it comes to growing pansy plants:

  • For a 12” hanging basket (not including any side panels) 6-7 plants
  • For a 14” hanging basket (not including any side panels) 7-8 plants
  • For a 16” hanging basket (not including any side panels) 8-9 plants
  • For a 18” hanging basket (not including any side panels) 9-10 plants

    Factors To Consider When Selecting The Size Of A Hanging Basket For Pansies

    There are several factors that will affect how many pansy plants you should plant in each pot or planter. The most important factor is the growth rate and mature width of your chosen variety. If your chosen variety has an expected mature width that is much larger than average then you should opt for either a larger pot or planter size, or opt for fewer plants per container/planter so that each plant has plenty of room to grow without overcrowding other nearby plants. Additionally, if you live in an area with hot summers then opting for fewer plants per container/planter may be beneficial as this will give each plant more access to water and nutrients from the soil.How To Assess The Size Of A Hanging BasketWhen assessing what size pot or planter is best suited for your chosen variety of pansey plant it is important to measure the diameter at its midpoint rather than at its top rim. This will give you an accurate measurement that takes into account how much space each pansey plant needs once it has reached its full height/width potential when fully grown. Additionally, if you are unsure which type/variety of pansey plant you want then it may be beneficial to measure against some other types/varieties so that you get an idea as to what kind of size range would be best suited for each type/variety before committing to purchasing one particular type/variety over another.Best Practices For Planting Pansies In A Hanging BasketOnce you have selected the best sized pot or planter for your chosen variety(s) it is important to follow some basic best practices when planting them into their new home. Firstly, make sure that each root ball is firmly packed into its designated spot within the soil mix before adding additional layers over top – this will ensure that all roots are evenly distributed throughout the entirety of the soil mix and not just concentrated around certain areas within it which could lead to uneven growth patterns later on down the line due to competition between neighbouring root systems. Additionally, make sure that there is adequate drainage at the bottom – either by adding drainage holes yourself if necessary or by using pre-made pots/baskets with built-in drainage systems – otherwise there could be issues with waterlogging which could lead to root rot and eventual death due to lack of oxygen circulation within the soil mix itself.Tips For Making Sure Your Pansies Are Happy And Healthy In Their New HomeOnce planted into their new home there are several things that can be done on an ongoing basis in order ensure continued health and happiness amongst your pansey population! Firstly, check soil moisture levels regularly – especially during times where rainfall might not be sufficient enough – as this will ensure that all root systems have access too adequate amounts water without becoming waterlogged themselves which can lead too root rot issues down the line if left unchecked! Secondly, make sure that all foliage remains clean from debris such as dead leaves or twigs so as not too reduce light penetration through too any particular area within your potted pansey population which could cause uneven growth patterns between neighbouring individuals due too competition between nearby root systems! Finally, prune away any overly aggressive stems every now and then too keep everything looking neat & tidy!How To Care For Your Pansies Once They Are Planted In Their Hanging Basket?After planting your pansey population into their new home there are several things that must be done on an ongoing basis too keep them healthy & happy! Firstly & foremostly it’s important too feed them regularly with general purpose fertiliser such as fish & seaweed emulsion every 4-6 weeks during Spring & Summer months – this will help provide essential nutrients necessary for optimum health & growth! Secondly, make sure too water regularly throughout Spring & Summer months – but don’t overwater! Waterlogging can lead too root rot so make sure too allow excess water drain away after watering sessions! Thirdly make sure too deadhead faded flowers regularly throughout flowering season – this helps promote bushier growth habits & ensures continuous blooming throughout season! Finally keep an eye out for pests & diseases such as aphids & powdery mildew – these can devastate entire populations quickly so intervene early!Troubleshooting Common Problems With Pansies In Hanging Baskets?Generally speaking pansey populations grown within containers tend not too suffer from extreme pest & disease issues however occasionally problems do arise so it’s important too know howto troubleshoot common problems quickly & effectively! Firstly check soil moisture levels regularly – if soil feels dry even after recent watering sessions then check drainage holes incase these have become blocked preventing excess water from draining away correctly! Secondly inspect foliage regularly incase pests such as aphids have become established – these can cause foliage discolouration & wilting due too sap suction from leaves so intervene early before populations become outta control! Thirdly look out for signs off powdery mildew accumulation on foliage – this fungus thrives off warm humid conditions so try reducing humidity levels by increasing air flow around foliage by increasing spacing between individual plants incase overcrowding has become an issue causing limited air flow around foliage leadingtoo higher humidity levels promoting fungal diseases such as powder mildew!Benefits Of Growing Pansies In A Hanging Basket?Growing panseys within containers provides several benefits over traditional bedding methods suchas raised beds etc.. Firstly containers provide more control over soil moisture levels meaning less risk off over watering leadingtoo potential root rot issues associated with traditional bedding methods where drainage isn’t always feasible due two compacted soils etc… Secondly containers offer more control over nutrient availability meaning fertiliser applications can be tailored specifically towards individual species rather than relying solely upon general purpose fertilisers applied across entire bedding areas etc… Finally containers offer more control over environmental conditions suchas temperature meaning species can be grown successfully even during colder months when temperatures would normally render certain species unviable using traditional bedding methods etc…


When planting pansy flowers into a 14 inch diameter pot or planter, we recommend using 7-8 individual plants per container depending on their expected mature widths – this will give each individual plant enough room without overcrowding other nearby roots systems which could leadto competition between neighbouring individuals leadingtoo uneven growth patterns later on down the line causing possible future problems suchas nutrient deficiencies etc.. Additionally remembertoo follow best practices when selecting pots/planters regarding drainage holes etc.. And finally rememberto care correctlyfor newly planted individuals by providing adequate fertilisation applications at regular intervals alongside appropriate watering sessions based upon current soil moisture levels being careful notto overwater otherwise potential root rot issues may arise later on down the line costing costly remediation works lateron!!

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