How Often Should Potted Lilies Be Watered?

When it comes to flower gardening, potted lilies are one of the most popular plants, but a common question is how often they should be watered? It’s important to remember that all lilies have different water requirements, so the amount of watering needed will depend on the type of lily you have and its specific environment.

In this article we’ll look at the different types of lilies, their water requirements, soil type and drainage needs, fertilising and pruning requirements, light and temperature needs, how to determine when to water them and how often you should water your potted lily.

We’ll also look at some potential problems with overwatering or under watering your lily as well as some troubleshooting tips for successful watering of your potted lily!

Types of Lilies

The first step in determining how often you should water your potted lily is to know what type you have! There are several types of lilies that can grow in pots including Oriental, Asiatic, Longiflorum, Orienpet and Trumpet varieties.

The Asiatic lily is one of the most popular types due to its large colourful flowers that bloom during late spring or summer while the Oriental variety is known for its fragrant blooms that appear in late summer or early autumn.

The Longiflorum lily is a tall variety with white flowers while the Orienpet lends itself well to container gardening due to its smaller size and trumpet-shaped blooms which are typically yellow or orange in colour!

Water Requirements

Regardless of what type of lily you have in your pot, they all need moist soil in order to survive so it’s important to pay attention to their water requirements.

Generally speaking, potted lilies need about 1 inch of water per week during the growing season but this can vary based on the climate where you live as well as the size and type of pot you’re using for your plant. If you live in a hot climate then you may need to increase this amount slightly but if it’s too cold then decrease it slightly!

Soil Type and Drainage

It’s important that the soil used for planting a potted lily has good drainage capabilities as standing water can cause root rot which will cause damage or even death of your plant!

A light loam soil mixture works best for planting these types of plants as it provides adequate drainage while still retaining moisture in the soil so that it doesn’t dry out completely between watering sessions!

Make sure there are also plenty of organic matter such as compost mixed into the soil as this helps with aeration which allows oxygen into the roots which they need in order to thrive!

Fertilising and Pruning

Fertilise your potted lily every two weeks during its growing season using a balanced liquid fertiliser such as 10-10-10 or 12-12-12 (NPK). You should also prune off any dead foliage or stems during this period as well – just be sure not to over prune as this could damage new growth from forming!

Light and Temperature Requirements

Potted lilies need plenty of sunlight in order for them to thrive so make sure they receive at least 6 hours per day if possible (depending on where you live). Temperature wise they do best when kept between 65°F – 75°F (18°C – 24°C) year round but can survive slightly colder temperatures if necessary – just make sure not to let them freeze!

How To Determine When To Water

One way to determine when it is time for watering your potted lily is by checking the top layer of soil by sticking your finger into it – if it feels dry then it’s time for a good soaking! You can also check by lifting up the pot lightly – if it feels light then there isn’t enough moisture inside so add some more H2O! If there are any visible signs such as wilting leaves then this could also be an indication that more water is needed too – just make sure not to overwater!

How Often Should Potted Lilies Be Watered?

It really depends on what type of lily you have in your pot along with other environmental factors such as temperature and sunlight levels – generally speaking though they should be watered approximately once every week during their growing season until they go dormant (usually around October).

During hotter months this may need increasing slightly while colder months may require decreasing slightly – just use common sense when deciding when/how much water they need!

Potential Problems With Overwatering or Underwatering

The biggest problem with both overwatering & under watering is root rot – so make sure not to let the plant sit in soggy soil for too long otherwise root rot could occur leading to damage & even death of your plant!

On the other hand if there isn’t enough moisture then wilting leaves & stunted growth could occur so ensure that adequate H2O is given throughout their growing season – usually once per week should suffice unless hotter conditions require more frequent watering sessions!

Troubleshooting Tips For Watering Lilies

If you find yourself struggling with correctly watering your potted lily then here are some troubleshooting tips: always check the top layer of soil before deciding whether or not more H2O is needed, use an irrigation system if possible, add mulch around & overtopsoilto help retain moisture, check regularly (at least twice a week) during hotter periods, use liquid fertiliser every two weeks, prune off dead foliage/stems regularly & avoid overwatering & under watering at all costs otherwise root rot could occur leading to damage & even death!


Watering potted lilies correctly is essential for ensuring their health & longevity – understanding their different water requirements based on type & environment along with potential problems associated with overwatering/underwatering& troubleshooting tips will help ensure success when caring for these beautiful plants!

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