Is it unlucky to bring lilac flowers into the house?

Bringing lilac into your home has been an old English tradition for centuries, but is it unlucky? There have been many superstitions and myths associated with this flower, so let’s explore the history and evidence to answer this question once and for all.

What is the Old English Tradition?

It was believed that faeries were attracted to lilacs, so it was advised not to bring them into your home or place them in a vase indoors in order to keep them away from your house and protect yourself from their mischief. This was a common belief among many cultures, but especially prevalent in Old English folklore and tradition.

What are Faeries?

Faeries are mythical creatures that have been around for centuries, often portrayed as small and mischievous sprites or humans with magical powers in fairy tales and folklore stories around the world. They were believed to be able to grant wishes or cause trouble if provoked, so it was important to be mindful of their presence when dealing with certain activities or items in nature.

Why were they feared?

Faeries were feared because they were thought to be unpredictable and powerful beings that could cause harm if provoked or angered by humans. They were believed to be able to cast spells on people, kidnap them, or cause other forms of mischievous behavior if they weren’t respected or taken care of properly. This was why it was important not to bring certain items associated with faeries into your home – like lilacs – as doing so would risk inviting these mythical creatures into your home environment!

How did Lilac come to be associated with Faeries?

Lilacs have long been associated with faeries because of their enchanting scent and delicate purple petals which reminded people of these mysterious creatures from folklore stories about fairies and other mythical beings from across Europe and beyond. It was believed that if you brought these flowers indoors, you might attract a mischievous fairy who could wreak havoc on your home – hence why it was discouraged!

Is it true that bringing Lilac flowers inside the house is unlucky?

The short answer is no; while there may have been superstitions surrounding bringing lilacs indoors in the past, modern society doesn’t generally consider this an act that will bring bad luck upon your household – although there may still be certain precautions one should take when handling these delicate blooms!

What other superstitions are associated with Lilac flowers?

Aside from avoiding bringing these flowers indoors, there are a few other superstitions related to lilacs – such as never picking them yourself (as this could anger the faerie who guards them) or always offering a donation when you take a cutting from a bush (to appease any angry spirits who may have been disturbed). Additionally, some people believe that having a potted-lilac near a window will help ward off evil spirits from entering through the glass panes!

What are some of the folklore and myths surrounding Lilac Flowers?
Many cultures across Europe have their own unique myths about why one should not bring lilacs into their homes; for example, some say that doing so will attract ghosts or bad luck while others believe that it symbolizes death due to its association with funerals in various religions around the world (such as Christianity). Additionally, some cultures believe that cutting a single stem will ensure seven years of bad luck – no matter how many stems you pick!

Are there any practical reasons why you shouldn’t bring Lilac indoors?
Yes; aside from any superstitious beliefs related to bringing these blooms into your home environment, there are also practical reasons why this isn’t recommended – such as their delicate structure which can make them prone to wilting quickly indoors due to lack of sunlight or excessive heat/humidity levels which aren’t suitable for them either! Additionally, some varieties can contain toxins which can be harmful if inhaled by humans or pets living in close proximity!

How can you enjoy the beauty of Lilacs without bringing it into your home?
There are plenty of ways you can still appreciate this stunning flower without having to bring it into your house; for instance, planting several bushes outside around your garden area will give you beautiful displays throughout springtime without having any risk whatsoever! Additionally, buying bouquets from florists who specialize in growing these blooms outdoors is also an option – just make sure you ask about how long they’ve been sitting before purchasing so you know how fresh they’re likely going to stay once brought inside!


In conclusion, bringing lilacs indoors has long been considered an unlucky act due both its association with faeries as well as practical reasons like wilting quickly under indoor conditions; however, this doesn’t mean one can’t enjoy its beauty in other ways such as planting several bushes outside or buying bouquets from florists who specialize in outdoor growing! With the right precautions taken care of ahead-of-time though one can still enjoy this beautiful bloom without worrying about bad luck following suit afterwards!

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