Summer Flowers

The rainbow in the garden - summer flowers

Phlox Paniculata
Summer flowers offer a wide array of colors in both annual and perennial selections. The warm air and moist soil creates a perfect environment for planting and growing dozens of brilliantly colored flowers. Annuals bloom o­ne time in a season. Summer annuals include cosmos, which come in countless shades and colors; salvia splendens, that are tall stalks of brilliant blue, purple and red, and are best showcased along the edges of your garden; marigolds, with deep yellows and red/yellow mixes, and are stunning when planted in masses within your garden scheme; impatiens, which make a wonderful ground cover and can be found in many colors; cockscomb (celosia cristata), which grows up to eighteen inches high in wispy tufts of brilliant reds, oranges, pinks and yellows. Because of it height, cockscomb is good to use in the center of your flower bed as an accent plant.

Summer perennials can bloom up to three seasons. Some good choices for heat tolerant summer perennials are daylilies (hemerocallis), which can be red, orange, yellow and many more colors, and grow in tall clusters. They make amazing center pieces in a garden. They grow in clumps of purple, pink, red and orange. They are perfect for ground cover, or used as a hanging plant. Phlox paniculata, also known as tall garden phlox, offers blooms of intense pink, purple, white and red. Phlox can grow over twelve inches in height, and is a good choice for adorning the perimeter of your garden. By keeping your summer flowers watered, and removing dead blooms, you can enjoy their brilliant display for many months.