What are the benefits of lilac flowers?

The Benefits of Growing & Using Lilac Flowers

Lilac flowers are beloved for their sweet fragrance, vibrant colors and delicate petals – but there is much more to these blooms than meets the eye!

In this article, we’ll explore the many beneficial properties of lilacs, from their aromatic and astringent qualities to their uses in skin care and beyond.

We’ll also discuss how to choose healthy lilacs for your garden, the popular varieties available, and tips for planting and caring for these flowers at home.

Finally, we’ll cover how to dry and store the petals so you can enjoy the beauty and aroma of lilacs long after they’ve gone out of season.

What are Lilac Flowers?

Lilacs are a species within the genus Syringa – a group of flowering shrubs commonly referred to as “lilacs” or “lilac bushes” due to their beautiful clusters of small purple or white flowers that bloom in late spring or early summer depending on your climate zone.

They are native to much of Europe and Central Asia but can now be found growing wild or cultivated in gardens around the world!

Benefits of Lilacs

From an aesthetic standpoint, few flowering plants can compare with lilacs – they come in a wide variety colors ranging from pink, purple, blue and white – making them perfect for adding a splash of color to any garden setting!

But that’s not all; these beauties also offer a variety health benefits too!

Aromatic Qualities

The scent produced by lilacs is incredibly powerful – it has been known to travel up to two miles away on a still day!

This strong aroma is due to compounds such as linalool which help attract pollinators like bees and butterflies while also deterring certain pests like aphids from attacking the plant itself!

Astringent Qualities

In addition to their wonderful scent, lilacs have astringent properties which can be very helpful in skin care routines!

Astringents have the ability tighten, draw, and dry tissues such as skin– making them great for treating rashes or cuts when used as an infusion either warm or cold as a toner on the face.

How To Choose Healthy Lilacs

When shopping for lilacs at your local garden center or nursery it’s important to look for ones with healthy foliage – they should have glossy green leaves that are free from any yellowing or brown spots which could indicate disease or pest infestation.

It’s also important to ensure that any buds you see on the plant are still tightly closed as this indicates that they haven’t opened yet which means they should still be viable when transplanted into your garden later on!

How To Plant & Care For Your Lilacs

When planting your new lilac bush it’s important that you choose an area with plenty of sun (at least 6 hours per day) and well-draining soil so that your plant can thrive!

Once planted you should water it regularly (about once every week) until it becomes established then only additional water during periods of drought or extreme heat– otherwise simply wait until you begin seeing signs of wilting before giving your plant another drink!

Additionally, be sure to add mulch around the base which will help retain moisture during hot summer months while also preventing weeds from taking over your precious flower bed!

Popular Varieties Of Lilac Bushes

There are many different varieties available when it comes time choosing your perfect lilac bush!

Some popular choices include: ‘Miss Kim’ (which produces deep lavender flowers with hints pink) ‘Pocahontas’ (which boasts deep purple blooms) ‘President Grevy’ (which has large white flowers), ‘Katherine Havemeyer’ (with its light lavender petals), and ‘Sensation’ (which produces stunning double-flowered blossoms).

When selecting one make sure you take into consideration factors like climate zone hardiness levels before deciding which one will work best in your garden!

How To Dry & Store The Petals Of A Lilac Flower

Once your beautiful blooms have begun fading away you may wish to preserve them by drying out their petals so you can enjoy their beauty year round!

To do so simply start by picking off all remaining petals from both sides then spread them out on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper before placing in an oven set at its lowest temperature setting until completely dried out (this may take several hours).

Once finished simply store them in an airtight container away from direct sunlight – voila now you can enjoy the beauty and aroma of fresh lilacs even after they’ve gone out seasonally!


Lilac flowers offer much more than just visual pleasure; they possess many benefits beyond their vibrant colors and sweet fragrance including aromatherapy qualities, astringent properties beneficial for skin care applications, plus they attract pollinators like bees while deterring pests like aphids too!

With proper planting & care instructions these beauties can easily be grown at home where you can also learn how dry & store their petals so you can enjoy them year round even after they’ve gone out seasonally.

So why not give this gorgeous bloom a try today?

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