What Do You Put In Store Bought Roses?

Every flower enthusiast knows that roses are the perfect addition to any occasion, but what do you put in store bought roses to keep them looking vibrant and fresh? As an expert in flower gardening, I have all the knowledge you need on what to put in store bought roses and how to keep them looking their best for longer!

What Should You Put In Store Bought Roses?

The most important part of keeping store bought roses fresh is making sure they get enough water and food, which is why it’s important to not ditch that plant food packet that comes with your purchase!

That small packet provides a mix of sugar, citric acid, and just a bit of bleach, which when combined creates the perfect environment for your flowers to thrive.

Benefits of Plant Food Packet

The plant food packet is a convenient way to provide roses with the right combination of nutrients they need without having to mix anything yourself!

It contains essential nutrients like nitrogen and phosphorus that help promote healthy growth and development of the flowers while also providing protection against disease and pests. Plus, it’s easy to use – just add it directly into your vase before filling with water!

Citric Acid and Its Role

Citric acid plays an important role in helping store bought roses stay fresh longer by lowering the pH level of the water in the vase.

This helps prevent wilting by creating a more acidic environment that is less hospitable for bacteria growth! Plus, citric acid also helps keep colors vibrant and prevents fading due to its natural bleaching properties.

Sugar as Food for Roses

Sugar is an important component in plant food packets because it acts as food for your flowers, giving them energy they need to grow!

When added to water, sugar helps speed up the absorption process so your flowers can take up more water quickly which helps keep them hydrated and looking fresh for longer periods of time!

Bleach To Prevent Bacteria Growth

In addition to citric acid, bleach is also included in the plant food packet mix as a way to keep bacteria at bay.

The bleach helps create an inhospitable environment by killing off harmful bacteria that can cause wilting or even worse – can lead to flower death! So make sure not to forget this important step when caring for your store bought roses!

What Else Can You Add To Store Bought Roses?

In addition to using the packaged plant food mix, there are other things you can add into your vase such as bottled water or additional food sources like sugar or honey!

Bottled water is great because it has a neutral pH level which helps prevent wilting due to its lack of chlorine or other chemicals found in tap water, plus it’s already pre-measured so you don’t have to worry about measuring out each ingredient correctly!

Additionally, adding additional food sources like sugar or honey can help give your flowers an extra boost of energy if needed – just make sure not to overdo it or else you could end up with some very sugary flowers!

Types Of Bottled Water

When choosing what type of bottled water you want to use for your store bought roses there are several different options available such as spring water, filtered water, distilled water or even coconut water if you want something with extra flavor!

Each type has its own unique benefits so be sure do your research before deciding on which one will be best suited for your needs (and tastes!).

Additional Food Sources For Roses

In addition to using bottled water or providing an extra boost of energy through sugar or honey, there are other things you can do such as adding floral preservatives or floral foam blocks which act like sponges and help keep stems hydrated longer!

Additionally adding apple cider vinegar (which contains trace minerals) into your vase will also help create an acidic environment similar to citric acid which helps prevent wilting (just be sure not go overboard with this one!)

Tips For Keeping Store Bought Roses Fresh Longer

Finally here are some tips that will help keep store bought roses looking their best: always change out the vase water every few days, make sure plants are getting enough sunlight, snip off any dead leaves, remove any excess foliage near blooms, use floral preservatives if available, mist plants daily, and don’t forget about those plant food packets – they really do make a difference when it comes time keeping those store bought roses looking their best!


Store bought roses are a great way add beauty and elegance any special occasion but it’s important remember care properly for them ensure their longevity so can enjoy them much longer than usual! By following these simple tips – such as using bottled water adding additional food sources like sugar honey – along the packaged plant food mix provided most stores you’ll have no problem keeping those lovely blooms looking their freshest longest possible time!

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