What does it mean when someone gives you lilacs?

1. Introduction
2. Symbolism of Lilacs
3. History of Lilacs
4. Different Colors of Lilacs
5. Meaning of Gifting Lilacs
6. The Significance of Giving Lilacs as a Gift
7. Common Occasions for Giving Lilacs as a Gift
8. Other Symbolic Meanings of Gifting Lilacs
9. Caring for Your Freshly Cut Lilac Bouquet
10. Dried and Preserved Lilac Flower Bouquets
11. Conclusion

The Meaning Behind Giving Lilacs as a Gift


Lilacs are one of the most beautiful and fragrant flowers available in the world today, making them the perfect gift for any special occasion or just to show someone you care about them. But what does it mean when someone gives you lilacs? In this article, we’ll explore the symbolism behind giving lilacs, their history, colors, and different meanings associated with them so you can truly appreciate why someone might give you this beautiful flower as a gift.

Symbolism of Lilacs

Lilac is an old-fashioned flowering shrub that has been around for centuries and grown in many parts of the world in both temperate and subtropical climates. It has a unique history and holds a special place in many cultures’ hearts because it is said to bring good luck and love to those who give it away or receive it as a gift. The delicate blooms come in various colors, each with their own unique symbolism, meaning that even without any words, gifting someone with lilac can convey your emotions clearly and powerfully.

History of Lilacs

Lilac has been around since ancient times, and its name originates from the Persian word “nilak” which means “blue” – referring to one common color of lilac flowers found in nature. Throughout history, lilac has been associated with springtime renewal and joyous celebrations due to its vibrant color and sweet fragrance that signals the arrival of warmer weather after winter’s chill has passed by – making it the perfect flower to give away at weddings or special occasions like graduations where we celebrate new beginnings and hope for brighter futures ahead!

Different Colors of Lilacs

Lilac flowers come in many different colors ranging from light pinkish-purple to deep lavender-blue hues – each with their own unique symbolism depending on where they grow naturally or how they are bred by growers! For example, lavender-blue lilacs are associated with loyalty while white lilacs signify purity and innocence; pink lilacs symbolize youthfulness; red ones indicate passionate love; purple ones represent admiration; yellow ones symbolize joyfulness; orange ones stand for enthusiasm; peach ones express appreciation; and blue tones signify trustworthiness! No matter which color you choose to give away as a gift, you can be sure that your recipient will appreciate its meaning behind it!

Meaning Of Gifting Lilacs

Gifting someone with lilac signifies more than just beauty – it is an expression of love, appreciation, friendship – all rolled into one beautiful flower! It is said that giving someone this flower conveys your admiration for their strength and courage while also wishing them luck on their journey ahead in life – whatever that may be! Whether they’re graduating high school or college or embarking on a new career path – gifting them with this special flower is sure to express your support as well as your sincere wish for them to succeed!

The Significance Of Giving Lilacs As A Gift

Giving someone lilac as a gift is also said to represent new beginnings – perhaps something that is especially meaningful for graduates who are about to embark on an exciting new journey beyond their schooling years! It is also believed that gifting someone with this flower brings them luck on their new path – something they could certainly use while starting out on life’s adventures! Lastly, if you want to show your appreciation towards someone special but don’t have much more than just words at your disposal- gifting them with this sweet-smelling flower will certainly do the trick!

Common Occasions For Giving Lilacs As A Gift

Though gifting someone with lilac can be done at any time during the year – there are some occasions where giving this beautiful flower might make more sense than others! Birthdays are always an appropriate time to send these blooms along with congratulations cards or notes when celebrating graduations from high school or college programs– especially if you want to show your support towards their future endeavors without having too much money spent on lavish gifts! Other occasions such as Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day are also ideal times for sending along these gorgeous springtime blooms – showing those close to us how much we care about them without having too many words wasted in conveying our message across clearly!

Other Symbolic Meanings Of Gifting Lilacs

In addition to expressing love or appreciation towards another person – people often gift each other with these flowers as symbols of hope and optimism too! Because these colorful blooms signify springtime renewal – they can be used as symbols representing hope towards better times ahead after difficult periods have passed by – either figuratively or literally speaking! Whether they’re used as reminders during difficult times such as illness recovery periods or simply sent out during happy occasions such as weddings – sending somebody these gorgeous fragrant blooms is sure to bring happiness into their lives no matter what situation they find themselves in at any given point in time!

Caring For Your Freshly Cut Lilac Bouquet

When sending somebody freshly cut lilac bouquets – there are several steps one must take into consideration when caring for these delicate flowers so that they last longer than just a few days after being cut from the stem! Firstly – make sure not to cut too much stem lengthwise because otherwise water won’t be able to reach up all the way through which will cause wilting sooner rather than later due even though keeping stems submerged underwater helps immensely when trying keep freshness intact until delivery day arrives! Secondly – try not expose flowers directly under sunlight because UV rays tend damage petals quickly causing discoloration over time– so make sure cover bouquets loosely if exposed outdoors until delivery takes place indoors where no direct sunlight can reach them while still keeping air circulation intact so petals don’t start drooping prematurely due lack thereof indoors (without proper ventilation) either ! Lastly– change water every other day so bacteria doesn’t build up inside vases causing quicker wilting than expected– especially during hot summer months where water tends evaporate faster than normal due higher temperatures outside (or inside)!

Dried And Preserved Flower Bouquets

If you want something that lasts longer than fresh cut flowers but still looks just as beautiful then consider dried/preserved flower bouquets instead– which come prearranged inside glass vases/jars filled up mostly (or entirely) dried/preserved blooms depending upon availability/desired look being sought after before purchase takes place online (or offline)! These arrangements often last longer because there’s no need worry about changing water constantly nor exposure direct sunlight– making them ideal gifts both indoors outdoors depending upon design preferences being sought after before purchase takes places accordingly too (specialized stores offer more options)! Additionally– certain specialized stores offer custom arrangements made up entirely out dried/preserved blooms depending upon availability/desired look being sought after before purchase takes place online (or offline) too– making them ideal gifts both indoors outdoors depending upon design preferences being sought after before purchase takes places accordingly too (specialized stores offer more options)!


In conclusion– gifting somebody something special like a bouquet filled up fresh cut/dried & preserved blooms never ceases bring smiles faces everywhere regardless whether occasion calls celebration renewal alike since each color found within carries its own unique symbolism behind it regardless whether literal figurative interpretation(s) take shape form before long afterwards either way– making sure recipient feels appreciated no matter how far apart two parties might find themselves located at any given point time accordingly too (in person online alike)!

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