What Is The Best Homemade Fertilizer For Roses?


When it comes to growing beautiful roses, having a homemade fertilizer in your gardening toolbox is a must! Not only is making your own fertilizer more cost-effective but you can also customize it to meet the needs of your roses and ensure that your plants are receiving the precise nutrition they need to grow and flourish throughout the season.

In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of homemade fertilizer for roses, provide an overview of the ingredients, and offer step-by-step instructions on how to make a large batch of rose food that’s perfect for boosting both flower development and plant growth!

Benefits of Homemade Fertilizer for Roses

The beauty of homemade fertilizer is that you can adjust the ingredients used according to what your roses need at any given time, allowing you to create a tailor-made solution that will give your plants the precise nutrition they need when they need it most!

Additionally, by creating your own fertilizer at home, you have more control over what goes into it and can avoid using unnecessary additives and chemicals that may be damaging or harmful to your plants in the long run.

And since you’ll be using natural ingredients like compost, lime, and worm castings, you can rest assured that whatever you’re putting in the soil is beneficial for both your roses and their environment!

Overview of Ingredients

The primary ingredients needed to make a large batch of rose food include a bag of mushroom manure, one cup of lime, worm castings, all-purpose organic plant food (such as fish emulsion), and twelve crushed eggshells.

All these ingredients work together to create an organic fertilizer that will provide your roses with essential nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, calcium, sulfur as well as trace elements like iron and zinc – all necessary components for healthy growth!

Step-by-Step Instructions for Making the Fertilizer

Start by combining all ingredients in a large bowl until everything is evenly mixed together, then add two tablespoons of this mixture around each rose bush and water it in thoroughly.

For best results, fertilize with this mixture every three weeks throughout spring and summer while making sure not to overdo it, too much fertilizer can burn or kill off delicate rose roots!

Benefits of Eggshells

In addition to providing essential nutrients like calcium carbonate (which helps regulate pH levels) and other trace elements like zinc and iron, crushed eggshells also act as an effective deterrent against slugs and snails – two of roses’ biggest nemeses!

Additionally, eggshells are known to help improve soil drainage while increasing its aeration which can help prevent root rot caused by overly wet soils.

Considerations To Keep In Mind

When making homemade fertilizer for roses be sure not to add too much nitrogen as this can cause excessive leaf growth which could lead to weak stems, instead focus on providing phosphorus which encourages strong root development while boosting flower production! Additionally be mindful not to use too much lime as this can raise soil pH levels beyond what roses prefer (they prefer slightly acidic soils between 6 – 7).

Alternative Fertilizers

If you don’t want to make your own fertilizer there are plenty of alternatives available on the market such as liquid fertilizers or slow release granules specifically designed for roses, however these often contain synthetic chemicals or additives that could be potentially damaging if used excessively so read labels carefully before purchasing!

What To Do If The Fertilizer Does Not Work

If despite following all instructions adequately you find that your homemade fertilizer isn’t producing desired results there may be other underlying issues such as soil drainage problems or pest infestations that need addressing first – use a pH meter or check near base of plants for signs such as holes in leaves or discoloration which could indicate bugs have moved in! If all else fails try switching up ingredients used or opting for an alternative store bought solution instead!

Tips For Applying The Fertilizer

When applying homemade fertilizers always remember less is more – adding too much can burn delicate roots so start conservatively with small amounts before gradually increasing over time until desired effect is achieved, additionally apply early in morning when temperatures are cooler so nutrient uptake is maximized while avoiding direct contact with foliage which could lead to burning!

Additionally fertilize during dry spells when rainfall isn’t sufficient enough – usually every 10 – 14 days should do trick but monitor closely during first week after application so adequate amount has been absorbed without being washed away by rainwater!

Other Ways To Keep Roses Healthy

In addition to regular fertilizing keeping roses healthy requires adequate watering (especially during hot summer months) along with ensuring good airflow around plants which helps prevent diseases from taking hold, additionally it’s important not prune back too severely during winter months as this limits flowering potential come springtime so leave some foliage intact if possible!

Additionally make sure beds are cleared from weeds regularly so vital nutrients aren’t diverted away from where they’re needed most – keeping beds weed free will also help reduce risk disease spread between plants due overcrowding caused by competing weeds!


Homemade fertilizer offers many benefits when it comes keeping roses healthy – not only does it provide essential nutrients needed but its also highly customizable meaning you can tailor mix according specific needs at any given time while avoiding unnecessary additives found many store bought solutions.

With just few simple steps outlined above along with few considerations keep mind anyone should able create their own tailor made rose food no time ensuring garden looking its best season after season without breaking bank account doing so – happy gardening everyone & remember less more when comes feeding those beloved blooms!!

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