What Is The Bible Meaning Of Lilies?

The Biblical Meaning of Lilies

Lilies are a prominent symbol in the Bible, representing rebirth and hope, just as the resurrection does in the Christian faith. While lilies are mentioned or alluded to several times throughout the Bible, there is great debate about what these references mean and how to interpret them properly within a Christian context. In this article, we will explore the biblical meaning behind lilies and how they’re used as symbols throughout scripture.

Overview Of Biblical Meaning Of Lilies

Lilies are a type of flowering plant that has been revered since ancient times for its beauty and sweet fragrance. In the Bible, lilies are often used as metaphors to represent divine attributes such as purity and holiness or to illustrate spiritual truths about God’s kingdom, grace, love and mercy towards mankind.

For example, Jesus uses lily imagery to illustrate his teaching on faithfulness and trust in God (Luke 12:27-28). The Song of Solomon references lily imagery to represent beauty and love (Song 2:1-2). The book of Revelation also mentions white lilies that represent those who have endured suffering (Revelation 7:17). Finally, Jesus uses lily imagery to illustrate his teaching on worrying about tomorrow (Matthew 6:28-30).

Biblical Reference To Lilies In The Garden Of Eden

Some believe that it was white lilies that sprouted in the Garden of Eden when Eve’s remorseful tears fell to the ground (Genesis 3:15). While there is no clear textual reference to this event being connected with lily imagery, some have suggested that this could be an allusion to Christ’s death and resurrection as well as a reminder for us all to turn away from sin and trust in God’s mercy for salvation from our sins.

Symbolism Of Lillies In Luke 12:27-28

In Luke 12:27-28 Jesus says “Consider the lillies of the field…even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these” (KJV). Here Jesus is using lily imagery to illustrate his teaching on faithfulness and trust in God’s provision for His people rather than worrying about tomorrow’s worries today.

Ultimately, this passage is meant to encourage us all to focus on living life with joy rather than fear or worry about our future needs because God will always provide what is needed if we trust Him fully with our lives and future plans.

Symbolism Of Lillies In The Song Of Solomon

In Song 2:1-2 we read “I am the rose of Sharon, And the lily of the valleys” (KJV). Here Solomon uses flower imagery – specifically white lily imagery -to express his love for his bride (the Shulamite woman) which symbolizes beauty, purity and innocence between two lovers who share an intimate relationship together before marriage or any other kind of union between them has even begun yet.

This is meant to remind us all that true love always starts with selfless devotion without any expectations or strings attached from either person involved – only then can real love blossom between two people who have found each other through divine intervention from God Himself!

Symbolism Of Lillies In Revelation 7:17

In Revelation 7:17 we read “For the Lamb which is in the midst of the throne shall feed them, and shall lead them unto living fountains of waters, and God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes, And there shall be no more death neither sorrow nor crying neither any more pain, for these former things have passed away” (KJV).

Here John uses white lily imagery which represents those who have undergone great suffering but still persevere through it with faithfulness towards God until they receive their reward – eternal life with Him!

This verse is meant to remind us all that even though life may be difficult at times due to various trials and tribulations, if we remain faithful we will eventually receive our reward – everlasting life with our Creator!

Meaning Of White Lillies

White lillies are often seen as symbols of purity, innocence and holiness among Christians today due its mention several times throughout scripture (e.g., Luke 12:27-28). But beyond its biblical meaning, white lilly symbolism also represents humility before one’s Creator as well as being sincere in one’s faith journey regardless what trials come along it – something that should be admired by everyone regardless religious background or belief system!

Meaning Of Red Lillies

Red lillies are often seen as symbols of passion or romantic love among Christians today due its mention several times throughout scripture (e.g., Song 2:1-2). But beyond its biblical meaning red lilly symbolism also represents courage during tough times – something that should be admired by everyone despite religious background or belief system!

Significance Of Lily As A Christian Symbol

Lilly symbolism is significant within Christianity because it can help us better understand certain teachings from Scripture such as trusting God for provision (Luke 12:27-29), having pure motive before entering into relationships (Song 2:1-2), enduring suffering through faithfulness towards Him(Revelation 7, 17)and not worrying about tomorrow because He will provide what we need today(Matthew 6:28-30). It can also serve as a reminder for us all that while life may bring trials at times if we remain faithful towards Him He will eventually provide us with eternal life!


The Bible offers numerous examples where lily imagery has been used symbolically throughout scripture whether it be referencing purity & holiness(Luke 12, 27-29),love & beauty(Song 2, 1-2),endurance during suffering(Revelation 7, 17)or having faith without worrying about tomorrow(Matthew 6, 28-30).

Ultimately these examples serve as reminders for us all that if we remain faithful towards God He will provide everything needed – especially eternal life!

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