What Pots Are Best For Pansies?

What are the Best Pots for Pansies and Violas?

Pansies and violas are two of the most popular flowers for gardeners to grow in pots, containers, or window boxes due to their colorful blooms, hardiness, and ease of care. As such, it’s important to choose the right pot or container to ensure that these flowers thrive throughout the growing season. In this article, we’ll discuss what pots are best for pansies and violas, including clay and concrete pottery, as well as other options for planting these flowers in containers. We’ll also look at considerations when choosing a container for pansies and violas, as well as tips for successfully growing pansies and violas in containers.

What are Pansies and Violas?

Pansies (Viola x wittrockiana) are a short-lived flower that bloom from spring through fall with brightly colored blooms that come in shades of yellow, orange, red, purple, white, or blue. They prefer cool weather but can tolerate light frost if planted in a sheltered spot outdoors or kept indoors over winter months if needed.

On the other hand, violas (Viola cornuta) are hardy perennials that can survive freezing temperatures if given adequate protection from snow cover or mulch on top of their soil during cold months.

Viola blooms come in an even wider range of colors than pansy blooms do, including deep purples, lilacs, reds, blues, violets, yellows, oranges and whites with many bi-colored options available as well.

Benefits of Planting in Containers

Growing pansies or violas in containers has many benefits over planting them directly into the ground outside: they can be moved around to follow sun patterns throughout the day, they don’t require digging up every year, they provide better drainage, they can be brought indoors during cold months, they help you control weeds, they take up less space, they can easily be fertilized, they provide a nice aesthetic touch to your garden or patio area, they save you time since you don’t have to worry about maintaining an entire garden bed that you would have with outdoor planting, and lastly they make harvesting easier since you can just reach right into your container to pick your flowers when needed instead of having to search around a large garden bed area outside!

Choosing the Right Container for Air Flow & Drainage

When choosing a container for pansies or violas you should be mindful of air movement and drainage so that your flowers get enough oxygen while also allowing water to drain out properly so it doesn’t become soggy or waterlogged which can lead to root rot issues down the road if not taken care of properly from the start! Clay and concrete pottery provide great air flow due to their porous nature while also allowing excess water to flow out quickly which will keep your flowers healthy all season long!

Clay & Concrete Pottery

Clay pots are an ideal choice for planting pansies or violas due to their porous nature which allows air flow but also helps retain moisture which is important when it comes to keeping plants watered appropriately without overwatering them which can lead to root rot issues if too much water is used at once!

Concrete pottery is another great option because it’s durable enough that it won’t break easily like clay pots do which makes them perfect for outdoor use since they won’t be affected by extreme temperatures like clay pots may be prone too!

Additionally concrete pots offer more decorative options than clay pots since there’s more variety available on today’s market making them a great option if you’re looking to add some personality into your flower garden!

Pros of Clay & Concrete Pottery

Clay pots have been used by gardeners since ancient times because they’re so versatile: They come in many sizes making them perfect for small or large plants alike, their porous nature allows air flow but also helps retain moisture which is important when it comes preventing root rot issues from overwatering plants, plus clay pots add an earthy aesthetic touch that really brings out the beauty of any plant species when placed outdoors!

Similarly concrete pottery offers durability that clay doesn’t with more decorative options available on today’s market making them perfect if you’re looking to add some personality into your flower garden! Plus concrete pots are heavier than clay so they won’t blow away when placed outdoors like lighter materials like plastic might do!

Cons Of Clay & Concrete Pottery

Clay pots may need extra attention throughout the growing season due to their porous nature as these types of materials can dry out quickly depending on how much sun exposure your plants receive so you’ll want to monitor moisture levels regularly with this type of material especially during hot summer months when water evaporates quickly from these types of porous materials! Additionally clay may be prone to cracking over time due to extreme temperature changes so watch out for this issue particularly during cold winter months when temperatures drop significantly outside!

As far as concrete goes these materials tend to be heavier than other types making them difficult not only move around but also difficult transport/store away when not in use!

Additionally concrete may not have as much air flow as other types due to its non-porous nature which could lead too wet soil conditions if not monitored carefully throughout the season especially during hot summer months where water evaporation occurs more quickly than other times of year!

Other Options For Pansies And Violas

If you’re looking for something other than clay or concrete pottery then there are plenty more options available on today’s market including plastic planters which offer lightweight solutions with decorative designs available too (just make sure any plastic material is UV resistant otherwise it could fade over time).

Additionally fiberglass planters provide lightweight solutions with added durability plus metal planters provide both lightweight solutions with added rustic charm perfect for outdoor areas like patios/porches/decks/balconies etc.

Lastly wooden planters offer both lightweight solutions plus added rustic charm perfect for outdoor areas like patios/porches/decks/balconies etc. And even indoor rooms too depending on size/style chosen (just make sure any wooden material is treated beforehand otherwise it could rot over time).

Considerations When Choosing A Container For Pansies And Violas

When choosing a container material keep in mind that different materials will have different pros & cons associated with them (eg: lightweight vs durability vs rustic charm etc…) so consider all factors before making your decision based on what best suits your needs specifically (eg: weight restrictions/decorative preferences etc).

Additionally make sure whatever material you choose has adequate drainage holes at the bottom otherwise any excess moisture may become trapped inside causing waterlogging issues leading root rot issues down the road if not taken care off properly from start!

Tips For Successfully Growing Pansies And Violas In Containers

1) Make sure whatever material chosen has adequate drainage holes at bottom otherwise excess moisture may become trapped leading root rot issues later on down road,

2) Monitor soil moisture regularly (especially during hot summer months) using either finger test method where 1” below surface should feel slightly damp before watering again OR using electronic devices such as pH meters etc. To help determine levels accurately

3) Make sure whatever material chosen has appropriate UV protection otherwise certain materials may fade over time especially direct sunlight

4) Water regularly but avoid overwatering by checking 1” below surface before adding additional H2O

5) Fertilize monthly using liquid fertilizer mixed according instructions package

6) Bring indoors during cold winter months protect freeze damage

7) Prune occasionally remove dead/dying stems promote new growth

8) Deadhead spent blooms promote rebloom

9) Monitor pest activity lookout signs infestation such as aphids mealybugs spider mites etc.

10) Add mulch top soil conserve moisture keep weeds away

11) Place container where receives 6 hours sunlight day

12) Rotate container follow sun pattern day

13 ) Enjoy watching beautiful blooms all season long !


Pansies and violas are two popular flowers often grown in containers due various advantages over traditional ground-based planting methods such choosing right potter essential success both bloom production overall health plant species.

With wide variety materials available market, most common being clay concrete, each having own unique pros cons. Factors consider include air flow, drainage, weight, UV protection rustic charm.

Additionally important monitor soil moisture regularly prevent overwatering, fertilize monthly deadhead spent blooms encourage rebloom bring indoors during winter protect freeze damage. Use tips discussed article ensure successful growing season beautiful blooms !

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