What To Put In Water To Perk Up Roses?

Tips to Revive Your Drooping Wilting Vase Roses

Introduction: Are you a flower enthusiast looking for ways to revive your wilting vase roses? Look no further! This article is intended for the flower gardener who wants to learn how to perk up their roses with simple steps and ingredients found in any home. Read on to find out how to give your beloved blooms a new lease of life!

What Causes Wilting Roses?

Wilting roses can be caused by a number of factors such as dehydration, lack of nutrients, poor air circulation, and low temperatures in the room where the flowers are kept.

In order for roses to look vibrant, they need proper care such as having enough water, being cut at an angle, having adequate food, and being placed in a well-ventilated environment.

What to Put in Water to Perk Up Roses

Giving your roses a ‘pick me up’ with ingredients added into the water is an ideal way to revive them from their wilted state. Here are some common items that can help revive drooping vase roses:

Give Your Roses a Warm Water Bath

Fill a clean bathtub or sink with enough warm water (about 20-60 minutes) to cover the roses completely and let them soak for about 20 minutes or longer until they appear revived back into bloom again!

The warm temperature helps open up the stems so that they can absorb more water and nutrients more quickly than cold water would allow them too – hence why it’s important not only for them to drink but also bathe in warm water!

Recut the Stems

After soaking your roses in warm water, cut off any damaged ends of the stems at an angle under running warm water – this will help ensure that their pores remain open so that they can absorb more oxygen and nutrients that will help them come back into full bloom again!

You can use sharp scissors or pruners for this process as this will give you a clean cut with minimal damage to the stem itself – which is key when it comes to keeping your flowers healthy and happy!

Add Sugar To The Water

Adding sugar (like table sugar or simple syrup) into the mixture of warm water can also help perk up drooping vase roses as it helps provide energy for them – allowing them access to more nutrients which can help make them become more vibrant again!

This is especially useful if you’re dealing with old flowers that have lost much of their energy due to age or lack of proper care – giving them an extra boost could just be what they need!

But make sure not to add too much sugar as this could cause fungus growth which could end up killing off your beloved blooms instead!

Citric Acid and Aspirin

Adding citric acid (like lemon juice) or aspirin into the mixture of warm water can also help perk up drooping vase roses as it helps provide energy for them – allowing access to more nutrients which can make them become more vibrant again!

Citric acid has antifungal properties which makes it great at keeping fungus away while aspirin is known for its anti-inflammatory properties which helps reduce inflammation on stems or petals – both of which are important when it comes keeping your blooms alive and healthy! But remember not overdo either one as too much could damage your flowers instead!

Change The Water Regularly

It’s important not only add the right ingredients but also change out the mixture regularly (at least once every few days depending on how many days you’ve had your flowers) so that there’s no buildup of bacteria or fungus from sitting too long in old water – both of which could end up killing off your beloved blooms instead!

When changing out the mixture, make sure you use lukewarm water instead of cold as this will help keep open up their pores better so that they receive all the nutrients they need from their new mixture!

Use Flower Food

Using store bought flower food is an easy way of providing extra nutrients needed by drooping vase roses – especially if you don’t have access to fresh fruits like lemons or sugar on hand!

Just add one packet per gallon of lukewarm water every few days when changing out the mixture so that your blooms don’t get stressed out by having too much concentrated fertilizer all at once – this way they get just enough nutrition without any risk of overfeeding them either!

Add Lemon Juice And Vinegar

Lemon juice contains citric acid which is great at fighting off fungus while vinegar has antibacterial properties which makes it great at killing off bacteria buildup when added into lukewarm water occasionally (just make sure not add too much vinegar as this could cause injury/damage on stems if overdone).

Adding both into mixture along with other ingredients mentioned above can create a powerful ‘pick me up’ concoction perfect for reviving drooping vase roses back into full bloom again!


Reviving drooping vase roses doesn’t have be hard or expensive, all you need are some simple ingredients found in most homes and follow some basic steps like giving them a warm bath, recutting their stems, adding sugar, citric acid/aspirin, changing out their mixture regularly, using flower food, and adding lemon juice/vinegar every few days, before you know it, those wilted blooms will be back looking vibrant and beautiful once again just like when you first got them home from store!

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