Why are daisies so special?

I. Introduction
A. What Daisies Symbolize
B. Overview of the Symbolic Meaning of Daisies
II. Different Types of Daisies
A. Daisy Varieties
B. Characteristics of Each Variety
III. History of the Daisy as a Symbol
A. Ancient Civilizations’ Use of Daisies
B. Consolidation of the Daisy’s Relevance over Time
IV. The Meaning Behind the Daisy Petal Count
A. Different Numbers, Different Meanings
V. The Significance of the Color White in Daisy Symbolism
VI. The Significance of the Color Yellow in Daisy Symbolism
VII. The Significance of the Color Pink in Daisy Symbolism
VIII. Planting and Caring for Daisies
IX. Conclusion
A. Summary and Recap on What Daisies Symbolize

Why are Daisies So Special?

The sweet simplicity and genuine beauty of the daisy have made it an international symbol of innocence and purity with its fresh, crisp appearance signifying new beginnings and its bright, spirit-lifting colors spreading happiness like wildfire.

Different Types of Daises

Daisies come in dozens upon dozens of varieties, each with their own unique characteristics and symbolism.

  • Shasta daisy, a perennial favorite, features a white-petaled flower center with bright yellow stamens surrounding it.
  • Gerbera daisy, one of the most popular daisy varieties, comes in a range of hues from deep pink to pale yellow.
  • Oxeye daisy, also known as “moon daisy” is a white-petaled flower surrounded by yellow stamens.

History Of The Daisy As A Symbol

Daisies have been used as symbols since ancient times, when civilizations such as the Ancient Greeks used it to represent innocence and purity.

Over time, other cultures adopted this symbolism and embraced it, solidifying its meaning throughout history and across cultures worldwide.

The Meaning Behind The Daisy Petal Count

Another interesting discovery about daisies is that different numbers of petals can mean different things:

  • 13 petals: meant to signify true love
  • 21 petals: meant to signify faithfulness or trustworthiness

The number can vary depending on what message you would like to convey with your daisy!

The Significance Of The Color White In Daisy Symbolism

White is often associated with peace, innocence, and purity, which explains why white petaled daisies are so popularly used to convey those messages.

The Significance Of The Color Yellow In Daisy Symbolism

Yellow is often associated with joyfulness or sunshine, making yellow petaled daisies perfect for sending messages such as “the sun will shine again” or “it will be alright”.

The Significance Of The Color Pink In Daisy Symbolism

Pink is often associated with friendship or tenderness, making pink petaled daisies ideal for conveying affectionate messages or expressing love for someone else.

Planting And Caring For Daises

Daisies are easy to plant and care for; they thrive in well-drained soils that are rich in organic matter and need full sun exposure to bloom optimally throughout summertime.

  • Good drainage:
  • Plenty of sunlight:
  • Rich soil:
  • Frequent fertilization:


Conclusion: What Do Daises Symbolize?


In summation, daises have been an international symbol for centuries due to their sweet simplicity and genuine beauty that speaks to innocence and purity through its crisp appearance signifying new beginnings and its bright colors spreading happiness like wildfire.


From white representing peace, innocence, and purity to yellow representing joyfulness or sunshine; pink representing friendship or tenderness; different numbers signifying different meanings; planting & caring for them correctly; all adding up together symbolizing why these blossoms are so special!

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