Why are the flowers falling off my Stephanotis?

Common Causes of Flower Drop

There are a few common causes that can lead to premature bud drop in Stephanotis plants: temperature fluctuation, water logging, dryness, and inadequate care & pruning.

Temperature Changes

One common cause of premature bud drop in Stephanotis is sudden changes in temperature, particularly a drop in temperature or cold draughts caused by air conditioning or drafts from open windows or doors near the plant’s location.

Water Logging & Dryness

In addition to temperature fluctuations, water logging or dryness can also cause bud drop in Stephanotis plants. Too much water can lead to root rot which can weaken the plant and cause the buds to drop prematurely; too little water can also cause bud drop due to lack of moisture in the soil around the plant’s roots.

Solutions to Prevent Bud Drop

Fortunately, there are several steps gardeners can take to prevent bud drop in their Stephanotis plants: proper moisture maintenance; temperature regulation; and proper care & pruning:

Moisture Maintenance

Gardeners should make sure that their Stephanotis plants are getting enough moisture by watering them regularly but not too frequently (once every week or two should be sufficient). If possible, try using rainwater rather than tap water as it is softer and contains fewer chemicals that could damage the plant’s roots. Additionally, soil should be kept lightly moist (but not soggy) at all times so that it does not become overly dry between waterings which could cause buds to drop prematurely as well as other problems such as wilting leaves or stunted growth.

Temperature Regulation

To help regulate temperature around your Stephanotis plant, try moving it away from direct sources of heat (such as radiators) and drafty areas (like open windows). Additionally, if you live in an area with cold winters you should consider bringing your plant indoors during this time so that it does not suffer from extreme temperatures which could cause bud drop as well as other issues like leaf yellowing or stunted growth.

Proper Care & Pruning

Finally, making sure your Stephanotis has enough light (but not too much) and giving it regular pruning will help keep its growth healthy which can also help prevent premature bud drop due to overcrowding on the branches or lack of air circulation around the flowers themselves. Prune dead/diseased branches regularly with sterilized shears to help ensure your plant stays healthy and vigorous over time!


In conclusion, there are several common causes for premature flower dropping on Stephanotis plants such as temperature fluctuations, water logging/dryness ,and inadequate care & pruning–but fortunately there are simple steps gardeners can take such as maintaining proper moisture levels; regulating temperatures; and providing adequate light & regular pruning–to ensure their plants stay healthy & vibrant!

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